In our ongoing commitment to making the arts accessible to all, we are delighted to announce that all of our concerts this season will be free. By removing financial barriers, we hope to welcome an even wider audience into our musical family and provide an opportunity for everyone to experience the transformative power of orchestral music. Join us as we celebrate the joy of music and embrace the communal spirit that unites us all.

We are incredibly grateful to all our sponsors and supporters. We hope that you will consider a charitable contribution to the orchestra. If you like what you hear, consider donating in lieu of purchasing tickets to show your support and help keep our orchestra going for many years to come!

There are seven levels of giving.  Contributors receive a listing in our program.

  • Legacy Guild ~ Donations made through a last will and testament.
  • Impresario Society ~ $2,500 and above
  • Maestro’s Group ~ $1,000 – $2,499
  • Concertmaster’s Circle ~ $500 – $999
  • Principal Supporter ~ $120 – $499
  • Friends of the Orchestra ~ $60 – $119
  • Music Lover ~ up to $59

Thank you to all of our amazing sponsors!

  • Missouri Arts Council
  • Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis

Interested in becoming a corporate sponsor?

Financial assistance for the St. Louis Civic Orchestra has been provided by the Missouri Arts Council (a State Agency) and
The Regional Arts Commission



LEGACY GUILD (Estate Gifts/Endowments)

Jayne I. Hanlin

IMPRESARIO SOCIETY ($2,500 and above)

Missouri Arts Council

Regional Arts Commission of Saint Louis

MAESTRO’S GROUP ($1,000-$2,499)


Barbara Berg Cohn

Terry & Marjorie Franc STL Community Foundation

Steve & Anne Mueller-Schwab Charity


America Online Giving Foundation

Andrea Clark

Gayle Friz

Bob Herman

Jack Kissinger

Nancy Klemm

Kathryn Muskopf

Diane G. Schwelle

Karen Schwelle

Christina Varghese

Emily Spencer



Hannah Bare

Chris Brown

Javier Cortez

Eric Crum

Wendie Cummings

Laura Glaser

Cindy Graeler

John & Debbie Graeler

Jane Kent

Caroline Kita

Karen Kowert

Anna Rice

Leopoldo Sanchez

Andrew Schiefelbein

Gail Tetzlaff

MUSIC LOVER (up to $59)

Stacey Adkins

Ruth Marner

Jennifer Meyer

Alex Miller

Kathleen Robbins