We are incredibly grateful to all our sponsors and supporters. We hope that you will consider a charitable contribution to the orchestra.

There are seven levels of giving.  Contributors receive a listing in our program, as well as complimentary tickets for each concert (in parentheses.)

  • Legacy Guild ~ Donations made through a last will and testament. (Tickets upon request)
  • Impresario Society ~ $2,500 and above (Tickets upon request)
  • Maestro’s Group ~ $1,000 – $2,499 (10 Tickets per concert)
  • Concertmaster’s Circle ~ $500 – $999 (6 Tickets per concert)
  • Principal Supporter ~ $120 – $499 (4 Tickets per concert)
  • Friends of the Orchestra ~ $60 – $119 (2 Tickets per concert)
  • Music Lover ~ up to $59

Thank you to all of our amazing sponsors!

  • Missouri Arts Council

Interested in becoming a corporate sponsor?

Financial assistance for the St. Louis Civic Orchestra has been provided by the Missouri Arts Council and
The Regional Arts Commission


Impresario Society ($2,500 and above)

                Jayne Hanlin

                Missouri Arts Council

Maestro’s Group ($1,000 – $2,499)

                Barbara Berg Cohn         

Principal Supporter ($120-$499)

                Randy Bernhardt

                Andrea Clark

                Edward Dolbashian

                Mark and Gayle Friz

                Bob and Katheryn Herman

                Irv and Lois Jacobs

                Nancy Klemm

                Steve and Anna Mueller

                Elaine Muskopf

                Randy Pickens

                Karen Schwelle

                Daniel Steinmeyer

Friends of the Orchestra ($60 – $119)

                Chris Brown

                Nancy Daby

                Laura Glaser

                Cathy Horneyer

                Jane Kent

                Caroline Kita

                Jeanne Lambson

                Rebecca Largent

                Nika Leoni

                Colin Lovett

                Kathryn Muskopf

                James Newhard

                Julie Nguyen

                Jill Pochek

                Leopoldo Sanchez

                Andrew Schiefelbien

                Diane Schwelle

                Gail Tetzlaff

                Treesa Trisk

Music Lover (up to $59)

                Dawn Bernhardt

                Sarah Burke

                Gloria Busenitz

                Gina Bowdle

                Carolyn Clark

                Harley and Barbara Cole

                Laureen Di Bisceglie

                Tere Francis

                Cynthia Graeler

                Neal Gray

                Ara Jeong

                Jessica Langan

                Larry Levin

                Richard and Nancy Mange

                Cindy Mittanck

                Keith Monteith

                Elaine Muskopf

                Susan Patient

                Lionel Peterson

                Mark Ponder

                Ingrid Popp

                Robert Pullen

                Austin Smith

                Lena Steinberg

                Kathrine Swartzell

                David Takach

                Donna Vince

                David and Sally Zerr